Alabama Launches Comprehensive Study as Turkey Population Declines

February 24, 2015

Alabama has one of the highest consistent turkey harvests in the nation, yet the population has dropped more than 20 percent since 2010.

Earlier this month the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) announced that it will be launching the most comprehensive long-term wild turkey study in the state's history, alongside Auburn University. The five-year project is aimed at analyzing the reproduction, survival, and harvest rates of the species in Alabama, which is seeing a significant decline of wild turkeys over the past five years. The Eastern wild turkey is by far the state's most popular game bird,...

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Mississippi, Alabama Vote to Protect Hunting and Fishing in State Constitutions

November 6, 2014

Mississppi and Alabama voters turned out to approve amendments to their state constitutions that will protect the right to hunt and fish.

Voters in Mississippi and Alabama overwhelmingly approved amendments to their state constitutions that protect the right to hunt and fish. Supporters of the proposals say that the amendments will make it harder for animal rights organizations to lobby for hunting and fishing restrictions, while others say it sends a message to the rest of the country. Mississippi and Alabama will now join 17 other states that have similar protections in their own constitution. “It just makes it tougher for the anti-hunters to take away our rights to hunt and fish,” said Phil DiFatta, an outdoors writer...

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Intact Deer Found Inside 1,000-pound Alabama Alligator

August 25, 2014

It may not be deer season, but one family of hunters inadvertently bagged a doe when they took down this 1,000-pound gator.

On August 16, a family of hunters in Alabama harvested a massive 1,011.5-pound alligator near Millers Ferry Dam in Wilcox County. The reptile was large enough to claim the Alabama state record and make a run for the title of the world's heaviest, but what taxidermists found inside the alligator's stomach may be even more surprising. According to, taxidermist Ken Owens...

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Massive 1,000-pound Alligator Harvested in Alabama, Potential World Record

August 18, 2014

Mandy Stokes and her daughter Molly stand in front of the alligator Mandy shot over the weekend.

Last weekend a group of hunters in Alabama took what may be the largest American alligator ever harvested. The behemoth 15-foot-long, 1,011.5-pound beast was bagged by a family from Thomaston. According to the Daily Mail, Mandy Stokes, her husband John Stokes, brother-in-law Kevin Jenkins, and his two children spent 10 hours hunting the creature. The family described themselves as experienced hunters, but this was...

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Changes for Alabama’s 2014 Alligator Hunting Season

June 11, 2014

Large alligators, like this one sunning at Lake Eufaula, are not uncommon in south Alabama, but the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has decided to reduce the number of alligator tags in the Southeast zone to ensure the population remains healthy.

Alabama residents who have participated in the state’s alligator hunting seasons in the past will find several changes for the 2014 season. First, for the first eight years the season has been in existence, people could apply for an alligator tag as many times as they wanted as long as the application fee was paid each time. This year, there will be only one application per person per zone allowed. Because the number of total applications will be reduced, Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) had to raise the application fee to $22 ($20 application fee and $2 processing fee)...

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Alabama, Georgia Legalize Hunting with Suppressors

May 9, 2014

Hunters in Alabama and Georgia will soon be able to use suppressors in taking game.

Last week the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Board voted unanimously to overturn the state's ban on hunting with suppressors. The new regulation is expected to take effect in late June, making Alabama the 33rd state in the nation to legalize suppressors for hunting. The decision by the board came shortly after nearby Georgia ended its own ban last month. "This change marks a major step in the right direction for hunters across the country who wish to protect their hearing," stated a press release...

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Bass Pro Shops to Open New Sportsman’s Center in Decatur, Ala.

April 8, 2014

Artist’s rendering of Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Center store in Decatur, Ala.

Bass Pro Shops, an outdoor retailer specializing in hunting, fishing, camping and other related outdoor gear, is proud to announce plans for a new store in Decatur, Ala.  The Bass Pro Shops retail attraction, which is approximately 100,000-square-feet in size, will be located on the south side of Highway 20 at Interstate 65/565.  It will be the primary anchor for the Sweetwater...

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Dixon Chosen as NWTF Alabama Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

March 25, 2014

Deborah Dixon

Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) Conservation Enforcement Officer Deborah Dixon has been named 2014 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for Alabama by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). Dixon received the award during the organization’s national convention, which was held in February. WFF District II Law Enforcement Lieutenant Jim Kirkland, who nominated Dixon for the award, cited her character, integrity and work ethic among her strengths. “Deborah vigorously enforces Alabama’s hunting and fishing laws while treating everyone with respect and...

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NWTF Donation to Alabama’s Conservation Department Supports Wildlife Management

March 24, 2014

Wildlife Biologist Joel Glover, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Director Chuck Sykes, Phil Savage of the National Wild Turkey Federation-Alabama Chapter and Wildlife Biologist Steve Barnett.

The Alabama Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (ACNWTF) recently presented a check for $25,627 to the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) Division for the purchase of 14.6 acres of wildlife habitat at Barbour Wildlife Management Area. According to WFF Director Chuck Sykes, the ACNWTF continues to be a great benefactor to the agency in its efforts to acquire wildlife habitat in Alabama. “The great thing about this donation is that we are able to utilize the money as match when purchasing additional lands with state and federal funds at Barbour WMA in the future,”...

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WFF Announces 2015 Alabama State Wildlife Action Plan Revision

February 27, 2014

SX Alabama DCNR

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) announces the revision process of the 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP). By Congressional State Wildlife Grant (SWG) requirements, this comprehensive document must be revised every 10 years. The federal SWG program assists state fish and wildlife agencies in the conservation of Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). To remain eligible for SWG funds, each state must revise its SWAP every 10 years. SWAP is critical in helping Alabama fulfill its responsibility to...

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